Associate / Sales Representative


We are a mission-driven organization, looking to bring out the best in people. We're looking for people who want to make a significant impact in their community.

We're looking for people who have a background in the Medical Field, Engineering, Accounting / Book Keeping, Legal Industry, IT, or Financial Services. You don't need to come from these career paths in order to be a part of our firm, however, people who do come from these career paths tend to excel in our company.

The interview is a 2 Part Process-
The first part is where you will sit down with one of our associates and where you will find out about us. They will go over how we got started, what we do, why we do it, and how we get compensated.

The second part is where we find out about you, your background, and qualify whether you are the right quality person for our company and a fit for what we do.

Location: CA (Remote)
Company: Anonymous
Job Type: Part Time

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