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Business Manager Executive Assistant Public Relations

Full-time position for an enthusiastic individual who loves to take charge. Someone who has the mind of an executive assistant, but with broader responsibilities, and who wants to make a real difference in the lives of his or her colleagues.

If you’re a self-starter who likes to move projects and people forward, you might do well in this role. Must thrive on creating, managing and running our office processes; anticipating the needs of our growing business; and staying a step ahead of all of us in getting things done. We won’t manage you; you will manage us!

• Primary support for our owner.
• Broad responsibility for administrative, financial and operational processes.
• Strategic growth mindset.
• Anticipates needs of our team members and our business.

Who Are We?
Our agency is a strategic communications firm with a niche in healthcare messaging. We create competitive advantage for high-performing healthcare organizations by helping them nail their message. Based (virtually) in Denver, we transform how healthcare companies communicate about their most complex issues and initiatives, with a powerful, differentiating message platform that’s custom fit to their organization. Our other core competencies are strategic communications, and PR and marcomm services.

Our Core Values
We are …
• Conscientious
• Collaborative
• Emotionally intelligent
• Problem-solving
• Flexible

Our Mission & Vision

Our Vision
To become one of the nation’s most sought-after niche communications firms, guiding healthcare organizations from complexity to clarity.

Our Mission
We create precise and powerful messaging that unifies your team, generates real organizational momentum, and builds competitive advantage.

Our Three Core Competencies

  • Messaging – Strategic message platforms are our niche and differentiator.

  • Strategic Communications – Plans, campaigns, strategies, research and analysis.

  • PR & Marcomm Services – Writing, design, and overall management of most traditional and digital deliverables.

  • What We Believe
    It’s fashionable to write a “manifesto” on the foundational principles that your company holds dear. While we like that general idea, we prefer a more uplifting, bootstrapping theme.

    So here’s our Declaration of Performance & Prosperity.
    • We believe in freedom, for you to work from your back porch, a coffee shop or anywhere else your heart desires, as long as you’re reachable during the standard workday. We believe in school pickups, workouts and being there for your kids’ big moments. Just as family must come first sometimes, so, also, must work come first sometimes – and we know you’re adult enough to juggle and make the right choices.

    • We believe in performance-based pay. Our salaries and incentives, the latter of which you drive, combine to give you a market-competitive income or better. We offer an incentive based on your contributions toward making the business run more efficiently. That can add up to thousands of additional dollars in your pocket each year. Quarterly and annual reviews are based on your ability to keep clients happy and projects within scope and budget.

    • We believe in taking initiative. There’s no room for followers – we all lead from our areas of expertise, and we want that from you as well. That’s not to say we shun teamwork. When you encounter hurdles, we’re there for you. But please come to the conversation with a few solutions in mind. In short order, you’ll be encouraged to make decisions independently. We trust you. Your judgment will tell you when you really ought to confer with a teammate or pull in the agency owner. In your areas of responsibility, we expect you to chase us on what needs to get done, not vice versa. And when you see a part of the business that needs improvement, speak up. Better yet, lead the charge to fix it.

    Might You Be a Fit?

    You could be a good fit for the position of Business Manager if:
    • You’re looking for a company where you can make a significant impact in a critical and influential role.
    • You’re excited by the idea of taking a firm that’s carved out a unique niche to its next level of growth.
    • You enjoy meaningful work, focusing on results.
    • You thrive on managing your own deadlines and keeping others on deadline as well.
    • You enjoy working with others.
    • You have high standards for the way you represent your company.
    • You’re proactive and detail oriented. Adept at thinking several steps ahead.
    • You’re “all in” for tying part of your income to incentives so you can boost your pay beyond market norms.
    • You enjoy being part of a growing firm that’s boutique in size and nature, but national in its reach and ambitions.

    Bear in mind that you might NOT be a good fit if …
    • You’re more comfortable in a highly structured environment.
    • You’re not enthusiastic about helping the business become more productive and profitable.
    • You believe that life is about equitable results instead of equal opportunity.
    • You’re put out by the length and detail of this job ad!

    Necessary Attributes of a Business Manager
    • Passion for processes and organization
    • Strong ability to anticipate needs.
    • A natural leader.
    • Clear and concise communicator.
    • Not easily overwhelmed. Able to juggle a multitude of disparate tasks.
    • Critical thinker on business development and growth. Sounding board for owner.
    • Lover of details.
    • Designer and manager of efficient, clear processes and systems.
    • Enjoy training others.
    • Knowledgeable on basic financial aspects of running a small business.
    • Relationship-builder; highly attuned to the needs of others.
    • Eager to help people get from where they are today to where they want to be. Mindset: “How can I make you successful?”
    • Highly proficient in Microsoft Office, and especially Excel.
    • Adept at figuring out programs, applications and cloud-based platforms, including Microsoft 365, SharePoint, QuickBooks Online, FreshBooks, Zoom, etc.


    Serve and support our owner and team. (See Attributes of a Business Manager, above.)
    Tactical aspects include:

    • Create Time Tracking Reports that break down actual hours to-date for each of our projects and compares that with budgeted hours, so our managers know whether they’re running a deficit or surplus on the projects they’re responsible for.
    • Update our accounting software (QuickBooks Online) – categorizing expenses as they come in, managing accounts receivable and accounts payable.
    • Meet with owner weekly to advance variety of administrative/financial/operational projects underway.
    • Meet with core Agency team weekly – manage aspects of the meeting, take notes and follow-up with team members as necessary.
    • Meet with account managers for weekly project status calls. Take detailed notes on where each project is at. Contribute, as necessary, to ensure projects are running smoothly and managers are well supported.
    • Manage owner’s calendar. Coordinate and schedule meetings for our owner and teams as needed.
    • On-board contractors, employees and clients, as needed.
    • Manage cloud-based storage system (Microsoft’s OneDrive/SharePoint).

    • Process accounts receivable – working with team members to accurately account for the professional services they’ve rendered that month; tabulating out-of-pocket expenses; creating client invoices; tracking for timely and accurate client payments.
    • Process accounts payable – collecting and ensuring accuracy of invoices from contractors and vendors; processing these invoices for timely payment.
    • Run payroll for our employees, and serve as primary point person for our payroll vendor.
    • Create and send a financial status report to our owner – includes profit and loss statement, accounts aging report as well as bank account status and projections.

    • Reconcile accounts on QuickBooks.
    • Collaborate, as needed, with our accountant.
    • Help schedule customer care calls for owner.

    • Plan team appreciation event; coordinating location and gifts.
    • Drive client appreciation – coordinating, packaging and sending gifts to clients around the country.

    Required Talents
    Here are the things we can’t teach, and that you must already possess when you start:
    • Work ethic
    • Emotional intelligence
    • Deep desire to serve others
    • Natural positivity
    • Persuasiveness
    • Strong attention to detail
    • Confidence
    • Brain for business
    • Healthy sense of urgency
    • Initiative and tenacity: the ability to do research and find solutions to hurdles of all kinds
    • Discretion in handling and communicating sensitive information

    Next Steps
    We don’t need to see your resume right now. In fact, please don’t send it just yet. And please do not call. For now, simply email the answers to the following questions to

      • How is this position a fit for you, and what would you get out of working in the environment described here?
      • What is your reaction to our values, vision, and mission statements?
      • What drives you to get out of bed and work each day?
      • Why don’t you need a traditional manager?
      • How do you support your colleagues to help them succeed?
      • List the top three things, in order of impact, that you would bring to the table.
      • Describe a major workplace problem you've encountered and how you handled it.
      • What did we forget to ask that you want to share?

    Location: CO (Remote)
    Company: Anonymous
    Job Type: Full Time

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