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I am looking for those who are sick and tired of today’s hiring practice that asks for pronouns and discriminates against those who do not check mark “it” or “they.” I am looking for those who have to hide that they are 55+ on their resume, for fear of appearing to have "too much experience." I am looking for those who attend church on Sunday and believe in family values and frequently, and without apology, use the terms: father, mother, son and daughter. I am looking for those who refuse to accept a vaccinate mandate and think employers have no business knowing their health history. I am looking for people who believe in the American Way and Horatio Alger stories of men who made themselves a success through hard work and elbow grease.

First of all, know that you are NOT alone. That is why people are leaving their former jobs in droves and not returning.

Those of us that feel just like you are doing something even better, making more money, and experiencing far less hassle than in 2020 and 2021. You should join us. We work from home and make twice what we made in the corporate arena with a hovering boss.

This work opportunity I am using, and want to share with you, depends upon just two things: self-motivation and persistence. Do you have those two attributes? You will succeed. Circumvent the current artificial intelligence hiring robots that favor those in their 20’s with entry level skills only, and skip the form letters used to keep the hiring process antiseptic. Ditch all of the hiring sites online that are nothing more than discrimination pipelines.

Call me at 919-412-8467 and ask for Rose. I will have you meet the entire team by Zoom. I promise you will never want to return to your former J-O-B.

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