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Nanovox, LLC

Monomers Nanoparticles Ligands Inkjet Titania Zirconia Additive Manufacturing Optics

Materials Chemists at Nanovox LLC will research, develop, and produce new UV-cured 3D printing materials for novel freeform inkjet additively manufactured gradient index (GRIN) optics. Responsibilities include both fulfilling material preparation for established processes as well as the development of new materials that extend the capabilities of printed optics. As a material chemist, emphasis is placed on a background in polymer chemistry, synthesis, and characterization.

We have three positions, ranging from staff scientist, Bachelor or Masters level entry level chemists to Senior Scientist PhD chemists. The Senior Scientist must have experience with free radical polymerization and is comfortable with operation of DSC, TGA, DMA, TMA, UV-Vis, FTIR and rheology instruments, and subsequent data analysis. All scientists are expected to ensure weekly deliveries of our proprietary inks for 3D printing while contributing to the research of new inks which extend product capabilities.

Related expertise with one of the following is a valuable bonus: photoinitiated (UV) polymerization, polymer composites, nanoparticle functionalization and dispersion, or inkjet printing.

Scientists are expected to successfully execute research projects with a multidisciplinary team of Nanovox engineers and scientists, and external partners, and create clear, concise monthly and final summary technical reports. Scientists serve as subject matter experts within their field and contribute to high level problem solving. A high commitment to quality is mandatory while analyzing and solving problems both for customers and the business development staff.

Location: Eugene OR
Company: Nanovox, LLC
Job Type: Full Time

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