Junior Data Analyst


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JOB TITLE: Junior Data Analyst
DEPARTMENT: Research and Analytics
REPORTS TO: Chief Research Officer

An ECRS Junior Data Analyst delivers realistic, practical, common-sense solutions utilizing statistical models and machine learning frameworks/platforms to help and improve the business of our customers by utilizing data from the CATAPULT platform to augment current functionalities.


To design and implement statistical models/algorithms and solutions to achieve a desired business outcome.


Implement algorithms to recognize patterns in retail transaction/sales/ecommerce data and metrics to achieve a desired outcome such as Recommender system, Demand Forecasting etc.
Research, design, develop and train new machine learning models or adapt and apply existing models and applications.
Design or develop software systems using design and functional specifications, scientific analysis, good software development practices, and mathematical models.
Write, update, and maintain computer applications and software packages to handle specific jobs using statistical and ML libraries and tools.
Develop or direct software system testing and validation procedures.
Collect and process valid training/test/validation data.
Update models/weights according to the objectives and/or customer needs.
Review and modify existing models/algorithms to correct inadequacies, to adapt to new hardware/data, or to upgrade interfaces and improve performance.
Consult with the ECRS (ECR Software) Design team, help develop specifications and performance requirements

Bachelor's degree in Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics/Applied Mathematics/Statistics, or related discipline
Proficiency in scripting languages such as Python and similar
Proficiency in the fundamentals of statistics and mathematics
Familiarity with various statistical models
Penchant for learning and research that result in better outcomes for ECRS customers.

Proficiency in statistical analysis and modeling
Proficiency in languages such as Java
Familiarity in Natural Language Processing frameworks
Familiarity with SQL
Familiarity with relational databases.
Basic understanding of a retail environment & operations
Master's degree in Computer Science or related discipline
Minimum 1+ years of professional or academic experience in relevant areas

Must become proficient in data engineering (through relevant academic/online courses from reputable entities)
Must become proficient in ML frameworks/tools/libraries. (through relevant academic/online courses from reputable entities)
Must become proficient in SQL and database
Must become proficient in applying relevant development tools


ECRS is a fast-paced, progressive technology company with a wide range of opportunities for quality-oriented, career-minded individuals. Geographically situated in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, ECRS offers the unique opportunity high-tech career in a resort college town setting. The ECRS family is made up of energetic, outgoing professionals who love what they do for a living. They are courteous, knowledgeable people who strive for excellence in everything they do. ECRS employees work together in dynamic teams to create, sell, install, and support our best-in-class retail automation solutions.

ECRS is a no-mask requirement and no-vaccine requirement culture.

We believe that acceptance of diversity is a key reason as to why we're successful. All qualified applicants who can demonstrate integrity and competence will receive consideration for employment and advancement without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, age, political affiliation, or national origin.

Location: Boone NC (Remote)
Company: ECRS
Job Type: Full Time

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