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Thank you for taking a stand against mandatory abuse of your body. We are a small family-operated business, never intending to start a business. We simply wanted to cure my father-in-law. With advice from the Amish, we created a CBD formulation; Dad had a speedy miraculous turnaround, people found out about it, asked for it, so we began to ship product across the country and soon got a call from the US Army to let us know we are the only brand of CBD products they're allowed to purchase in bulk. Then we heard from the National Firefighters Union; we are the only brand they can use. Soon after, we were called by Shark Tank (the TV show). Inadvertently, we created the purest, most effective (and by far, least expensive) line of CBD relief products in the nation, as far as we are aware.
We continue, after 4 years, on a steep growth curve and now seek help with digital marketing, website management/updating, social media, and other forms of outreach to tell our unique story. The story gets even more fascinating. If you have interest, please contact me, Ron Baron; it'd be fun to share thoughts.
As a non-vaxxer, you already have the correct attitude. Our products fly in the face of Big PharMA and heal naturally, speedily, and with complete safety. (We are the only brand we know of whose CBD Oil is made of only 1 ingredient, cold pressed, extra virgin and contains 0.00% THC, so ours are the only CBD items that can be used by armed forces, police, firefighters, pilots, teachers, nurses, truckers, infants due to extreme purity with zero unnecessary additives.)
Eager to speak with you to learn more about each other.

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