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RaphaRub LLC

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Your own business (NOT multi-level marketing), independent sales, remote, part-time weekends or whenever you’d like. Personal health relief products from the only line of CBD products we are aware of that is 100% pure, not diluted, no fillers, 0.00% THC, zero chemicals.

We never intended to start a business 3-1/2 years ago; we just wanted to cure my father-in-law from debilitating pain. With the help of the Amish, the RaphaRub formulation was created, Dad’s turnaround was so dramatic that people asked for it, we began to ship, and soon were informed by the U.S. Army that RaphaRub is the only brand of CBD products that they could purchase in bulk – they could not find any other brand that was as pure and effective. RaphaRub is now sold to fire-fighters, police, pilots, teachers, nurses, even infants, for the same reasons. RaphaRub CBD Oil is the only national brand we’re aware of that is 100% pure, 1 ingredient, cold-pressed, extra virgin. Every other brand we know of is called a “tincture” (definition of “tincture” is “diluted down to 10%-20%,” so 80%-90% is something else). Plus, we’re told RaphaRub is the lowest price point in America. And you can offer any or all of the 18-item product line. No pressure, minimal to zero obligation, and we’re here to help you make it easy.

Sell at festivals and events – it’s simple and professional. Simply ask passeers-by if they have any pain, offer a free sample of RaphaRub instant relief rub, and suggest they go enjoy the event. Typically folks come running back in 10 minutes completely pain free, even for years-long and decades-long pain issues. Sales tend to happen by themselves. Most teams sell between $2,000 - $4,000+ per weekend. And you always get a minimum 100% mark-up, or more. The best part is how rewarding it is to help solve so many people’s issues from pain to migraines to anxiety to sleeplessness and more.

Not interested in attending festivals – many are successful just selling to friends, family, and contacts. The relief tends to be quick and almost miraculous, so repeat orders and referral orders continue. (You’ll get a unique online discount code so you can be paid for all follow-up orders on the website.)

Sold through boutiques, medical offices, physical therapy offices, spas, massage therapists (who charge extra for a “pain relieving RaphaRub CBD” massage). We do not sell through CBD stores because they tend to sell such diluted, chemical-filled products at such high pricing that we do not want to be associated with such stores.

We only seek “noble souls” that are wise enough not take the vaccination. In the 1930’s CBD users were hunted down, as big PhARMA grew powerful, just like the un-vaccinated are being targeted now. No vaccinated people touch our locally-made, hand-poured products. (No “shedding” allowed.)

Reach out now to learn more – you’ll always speak with an owner. Ask all your questions; we want you to feel fully comfortable. It’ll be rewarding . . . and fun!
Ron and Journee