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Massage Job Description
Part Time - Full Time, Available to start right away

Massage and knead muscles and soft tissues of the body to provide treatment for medical conditions, injuries, or wellness maintenance. Confer with clients about their medical histories and problems with stress or pain to determine how massage will be most helpful. Assess clients' soft tissue condition, joint quality and function, muscle strength, and range of motion. Provide clients with guidance and information about techniques for postural improvement and stretching, strengthening, relaxation, and rehabilitative exercises. Perform other adjunctive therapies or treatment techniques in addition to massage. Prepare and blend oils and apply the blends to clients' skin.
Treat clients in professional settings. Maintain treatment records (Chart notes with Chirotouch, scanning, labeling and sorting). Refer clients to other types of services provided in the clinic and other therapists when necessary. Maintain massage room keeping it clean and orderly. Also, keeping your laundry washed, folded and put away nicely. Consult with other health care professionals, such as physiotherapists, chiropractors, physicians, and psychologists, to develop treatment plans for clients.
In addition to massage therapy job tasks, Massage therapists will be trained in front desk office work including but not limited to the following: answering phones, scheduling appointments, collecting payments and other duties as taught or instructed by the doctor or office manager. If you see a need or something that needs help, take initiative and do it.
Occasionally: you will be asked to attend group networking meetings and represent our clinic.
Optional Skills: Speaks a second language(Spanish preferred)
Ask for positive reviews of care on social media sites
Dress in attire that is NOT tight and revealing, but comfortable and respectable
Be respectful of your surroundings, patients and co-workers
Be aware of your own schedule and be on time
Communicate clearly with the office manager or doctor if you will not be available
Help promote clinic specials and deals
Building your schedule to be all or mostly, massage clients
Special events will need all hands on deck (2x - 4x a year usually)
Updated: 5/2020
We offer to you:
Free chiropractic care
Base pay + Commission
Goal oriented bonuses for completion
Flexible schedule We are open M-F.
We are laid back, family run clinic. Self driven and like to have fun with our team. If you are a hard worker and like being around people, give us a call or email and let's meet! Please provide us with your phone number, and some days and times that would work for you to meet for an interview.
Questions to answer:
Can you navigate a computer with ease and understanding?
Have you worked with EHR programs before?
Do you have a problem being self motivated?
What does your plan for yourself look like over the next three years?
Do you have reliable transportation for yourself? What type?
Since the job is located in Auburn, do you have a problem opening or closing on your own?

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Location: AUBURN WA
Company: Live Long & Prosper Chiropractic
Job Type: Part Time

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