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Public Relations Writer Healthcare Health Care Communications

Full-time position for strong writer who loves to flex between marketing, public relations and communications projects.
If you’re a self-starter who has been told you’re good at translating complex ideas into crisp messaging and sparkling copy, you might do well in this role. Must thrive on variety and wringing beautiful order out of chaos. Must be precise in thought and word, and a downright grammar geek.

• Staff writer for multiple accounts.
• Excellent thinker, writer and editor.
• Undaunted by complexity. Able to synthesize voluminous information, distill to its essence and give it life through fresh, unexpected language.
• Project manager, as necessary. Able to plan ahead, create timelines, compile reports and interface directly with clients.
• Any additional or ad hoc skills you can bring to our small band of multiple-hat-wearers would be a big plus. Healthcare experience another big plus.

Who Are We?
Our agency is a strategic communications firm with a niche in healthcare messaging. We create competitive advantage for high-performing healthcare organizations by helping them nail their message. Based (virtually) in Denver, we transform how healthcare companies communicate about their most complex issues and initiatives, with a powerful, differentiating message platform that’s custom fit to their organization.

Our other core competencies are strategic communications, and PR and marcomm services. We supply writing and design services including thought leadership articles; white papers; executive and sales presentations; email campaigns, fact sheets and FAQs; content for various media platforms, and more.

Our Core Values
We are …
• Conscientious
• Collaborative
• Emotionally intelligent
• Problem-solving
• Flexible

Our Mission & Vision

Our Vision
To become one of the nation’s most sought-after niche communications firms, guiding healthcare organizations from complexity to clarity.

Our Mission
We create precise and powerful messaging that unifies your team, generates real organizational momentum, and builds competitive advantage.

What We Believe
It’s fashionable to write a “manifesto” on the foundational principles that your company holds dear. While we like that general idea, we prefer a more uplifting, bootstrapping theme.

So here’s our Declaration of Performance & Prosperity.
• We believe in freedom, for you to work from your back porch, a coffee shop or anywhere else your heart desires, as long as you’re reachable during the standard workday. We believe in school pickups, workouts and being there for your kids’ big moments. Just as family must come first sometimes, so also must work come first sometimes – and we know you’re adult enough to juggle and make the right choices.

• We believe in performance-based pay. Our salaries are market competitive, but we offer an alternative way to make more than you dreamed possible. We offer an incentive based on your contributions toward making the business run more efficiently. That can add up to thousands of additional dollars in your pocket each year. Quarterly and annual reviews are based on your ability to keep clients happy and projects within scope and budget.

• We believe in taking initiative. There’s no room for followers – we all lead from our areas of expertise, and we want that from you as well. That’s not to say we shun teamwork. When you encounter hurdles, we’re there for you. But please come to the conversation with a few solutions in mind.

“Our Agency Way”
Anyone with project or account management responsibilities plays a crucial role in ensuring a successful partnership with our customers and in delivering a consistent, memorable brand experience.

Here’s what it means to live out “Our Agency Way” in our day-to-day work:
• Serve as a trusted partner and advisor. We earn this trust by always keeping our client’s needs at the forefront. Our job is to make our primary client contact, and his/her boss, look good.
• Be a problem solver. We are not order takers; we are problem solvers, viewing ourselves as an extension of the client’s internal team. By resisting the order-taker role and offering a helpful perspective, we earn the long-term respect of our clients.
• Take the wheel. We are hired to drive projects forward while proactively keeping our client informed. We think several steps ahead so the client can clear his or her mind of worry about this project. Our clients don’t have time to hand-hold or keep checking in on us. They need us to keep them up-to-date. Quit thinking you’re “bothering” the client. We provide weekly email updates and, if appropriate, schedule regular client meetings.
• Make it easy for the client. We look to take things off our client’s plate. We offer to draft the agenda, schedule the meeting and write the cover email so our client doesn’t have to.
• Surpass expectations. We keep getting hired when we add value. Bring your fresh perspective. Suggest solutions that make our client contact look good or well-thought-out. Deliver what is desired but with a twist or extra value beyond what was requested (not by going beyond contract terms but by using our brains, creativity, powers of observation).
• Do the heavy lifting. Our clients are smart but they lack the time and space needed for deep thinking. They rely on us to take the deep plunge that they’re unable to do, because of daily fire drills, meetings, etc. We, in a sense, allow them to clone themselves.
• Manage the details. Account managers have a responsibility to protect our agency’s reputational and financial health; this means ensuring contract assumptions and deliverables are reviewed regularly and carried out.
• Trust your intuition. Use your sixth sense to identify issues, problems or opportunities early.
• Practice “adaptable discipline.” Customers like our structure and organizational skills. We strike a delicate balance by keeping things on track without becoming rigid or inflexible.

Necessary Attributes of a Writer
Strategic approach
• Maintains a high-level, strategic mindset, which ensures that the deliverable meets client goals.
• Active listener: Grasps subtleties of meaning. Reads between the lines. For example, probes whether client is really bothered by a particular word, or whether there’s a deeper issue with tone or concept. Is equally struck by what the client doesn’t say and ponders what that absence means.
• Strong sense of logic. Good at putting things into context.
• Likes bringing order to complexity and messiness. Distills and simplifies information without “dumbing it down” too much.
• Adept at pulling information out of people – including both strategic goals (why) as well as tactical examples (how).

Creative, but humble
• LOVES to write; not just capable of doing it.
• Understands the constraints of the corporate world, but pushes the envelope creatively when possible.
• Has a precise and colorful vocabulary. Adept at clever wordplay in headlines and lead paragraphs. Seeks to replace tired, corp-speak with fresh language.
• Accepts edits and redirection with grace.
• Comfortable with articulating viewpoint and defending it when necessary.
• Win-win negotiator. Creative in accommodating supervisor’s and client’s feedback/concerns.

Well organized and experienced professional with high standards
• Not easily overwhelmed. Able to synthesize a high volume of disparate information.
• Strong prioritization skills.
• Always delivers a “best” draft, not just a first draft.
• Navigates large corporations without frustration.
• Tenacious, unwilling to give up and get sloppy when faced with intellectual challenge.

Preparing discussion guides for project kick-off meetings and interviews. This requires you to think ahead about the information to be gathered in client meetings and the questions you need to answered in order to draft compelling copy that achieves marketing goals.

Developing detailed timelines that factor in not only your writing time, but the other people and steps in the process. We have templates to help but need you to think through the details in creating timelines that are comprehensive, realistic and efficient.

Drafting outlines and content from scratch; editing and improving upon existing copy. There will be lots of variety in your projects, from drafting thought leadership articles, to writing email campaigns and social posts, to punching up and adding spark to team members’ copy. We’re counting on your skills to ensure copy is concise, clear, compelling and creative. If you’re not energized by variety, this isn’t the job for you!

Ushering drafts through the internal and client approval processes. Sometimes our account supervisors will handle this process, but other times we’ll ask you to manage it. Requires excellent follow-up, diplomacy in working through edits and always bearing in mind the goal of the project.

Next Steps
We don’t need to see your resume right now. In fact, please don’t send it just yet. And please do not call. For now, simply send us an email ( that includes answers to the following questions:

  • How is this position a fit for you, and what would you get out of working in the environment described here?

  • What is your reaction to our values, vision, and mission statements?

  • How can we support you? What do you need from us to be successful in this role?

  • What drives you to get out of bed and work each day?

  • Why don’t you need a traditional manager?

  • How do you make your team better? (Any team you’re a part of.)

  • List the top three things, in order of impact, that you would bring to the table.

  • What did we forget to ask that you want to share?

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    Job Type: Full Time

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