First of all, we want to thank you for the amazing support!

Over 1 million unique visitors have searched the site in a month! We are invigorated by the overwhelming response in defense of freedom. This innate resolve to be free is The Patriot Force.

Thousands of teachers, medical professionals, soldiers, and government employees are losing their jobs on a daily basis. We stand with them in this fight, and inform those who are losing hope that there are options out there to work and live freely.

The Patriot Marketplace is almost ready for primetime, as are the mobile apps for (Soon We've done our best to create a seamless candidate and employer experience like that found on Indeed and others.

But the censorship that is going on with regards to the no vax job board is indefensible, although not surprising. In response, we have created the Patriot WorkForce affiliate system to spread the message like wildfire. Quite simply, you earn a 25% commission on the membership fees of your referrals, in perpetuity, just for sharing. We are stronger in numbers and resolve!

We have also introduced a resumé builder with the logo on it. This is how we let future employers know, graciously, that we will not be subject to a mandate that violates our rights.

Resumé Builder

We will continue to build solutions to empower those who are coerced and threatened under medical tyranny. Even if it requires that we help build a parallel economy right along with Gab.

Please grab your referral url, along with alt links, from the Patriot Force landing page and share far and wide! Strength in Numbers!

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