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Are you a Georgia licensed Realtor, tired of endless prospecting and chasing your friends to build a sustainable business? Do you live in Atlanta Metro?

Do you have a quality home office setup with an Apple computer, comfortable desk, and working area? (or can get one quickly)

Do you want to work with a team, have quality life-work integration with time off and good vacation privileges?

Are you deal focused, and customer friendly, eager to always offer value while navigating a customer to a decision?

Is a first year income of $60-$80k, (base + commission) with full benefits from day one, fit your expectations? We handle all/most expenses and you’re an employee, not a contractor.

Can you give a one year commitment, be coachable, lean in to what challenges you, have a growth mindset, honor your word and agreements, and work to be part of something powerful?

Do you have experience working with a company CRM, working through tasks, setting followups, making phone calls?

Do you love your American freedom to choose what's right for yourself, your family, and maintain your medical autonomy while also discreet in how you communicate these things, with no attachment to what others choose for themselves?

If you've answered 'YES' to all these questions, AND you're not just looking for a job, then I want to speak with you.

I run a 15 person real estate team across 7 markets, growing to 11 markets this year. In short, I need freedom-loving, intelligent thinking salespeople that want to move into leadership, and/or run a book of business.

We service the largest i-Buyer in the United States and are quickly becoming their exclusive partner. My agents work from their home - no inspections, no showings, no delivering documents - your job is to strictly build rapport with a ready-to-go customer that's identified a home, seen that home, and wants to offer.

My agents are negotiators, value-seeking, and know the gentle balance of pressing someone with the right questions, while also being respectful and helpful.

Your goal is to do 7-10 transactions per month.

Once your client's offer is the "winning" contract, you pitch it to the back agent team and they navigate the customer from contract to close.

We are a 150 person, nimble real estate company that is riding the massive wave of change in the real estate industry.

I want ONE person to join my fully remote team to service and grow this account in Atlanta. There's a fully-supported team on the ground in Atlanta with an office you can also be part of.

Think about it. Determine if this is right, for you.

If so, email me with your CV, background, and why you like what you've read and we'll setup a time to video on Google Meet.

Thank you for reading. Stay Free.

Location: Atlanta GA
Company: Real Estate Consulting
Job Type: Full Time

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