Krystal W.

Assistant Editor

Hello! I also sent this in an email:

 I know your Job ad is three months old but I was wondering if you are still hiring? This sounds like a dream job to me. I am a very patriotic and pro freedom person and I would prefer to work for a company that is run by fellow patriots. Honestly I live an hour and 20 minutes away from you but I am more than willing to make the commute. 
This would be more than a Job to me because I know people personally who have been injured by the vaccine. Honestly I've been looking for a job for a while but every single company I have applied to in L.A county has required the employees to be vaxxed or tested everyday. I find this to be an extreme violation of our rights.
I have attached a Resume that I have put together on "Indeed". I must explain the long gap in my resume. I was struck down with a personal illness for a while and placed on disability. And honestly I would have returned to work sooner if not for the PLANdemic nonsense. Needless to say I am healed now and more than ready to return to work for a patriotic company.
My name is Krystal Winzer by the way. My number is 818-302-9348. You can also call me or text me anytime. I REALLY hope to hear from you!!
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Location: Arleta CA
Responsibility: Transcribing and editing footage for various Reality T.V shows such as "Big Bother" and others

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