Hayley A.

State Government Employee

Public Policy Criminal Justice Government Communications

My husband and I just moved with our 1 year old daughter to North Carolina for his job. We have a bad family history with FDA-approved drugs without long term studies, as a drug that was approved and given to my grandmother left all of my aunts infertile. As a result, I refuse medical treatment unless there are proven long term studies done. I never thought this would be something I would be fighting while looking for a job, but here I am. I have a diverse background and am well-rounded thanks to my college education and my husband's time in the military leading me to find jobs more than most due to moves. All of this experience has led me to desire a career working as a teacher, in local government, or back in policy again. I am open to everything though so I can help provide for my family in this strange time.

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Location: Raleigh NC
Responsibility: Conducted criminal defense investigations, looking to move into policy, local government, communications, or teaching role.

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