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Dear Journee and Ron,

I came across your job posting on NoVaxMandate.org and am very much hoping you are still looking to fill the Digital Marketing/Website Management role you posted a month ago. The story of how RaphaRub was founded is wonderful! I've always believed that our bodies were beautifully designed to heal themselves and instinctively knew, from a young age, that there was something terribly wrong with the way modern medicine wages war against our body's natural processes with endless drugs and chemicals, so your philosophy really resonates with me! I'd love to have a chance to talk with you about this role. I know I could provide the Digital Marketing and Web Management help you're looking for and would consider it a privilege to have the opportunity!

Because my career has taken some unconventional turns, over the past decade, I believe a little context here would be helpful. Motherhood, marriage, and life in general have shaped my career in ways I never would have foreseen as a young college graduate but looking back today, I couldn’t be more grateful for it! I’m grateful for the polish and professionalism that working for a large corporation instills but I am even more grateful for the many unexpected things I’ve learned from my less conventional occupations. My varied experience working in both the traditional corporate setting and navigating the uncharted territories of building and running small businesses, has made me a very well-rounded candidate for just about any business or marketing position. I’m not afraid to tackle anything at this stage in my life because I’ve learned that finding the pathway through almost any challenge simply requires a calm, clear-headed assessment of the big picture, the patience to break down the solution into small, doable steps, and the diligence to ensure that those steps are completed!

It was the responsibilities of motherhood and my growing role in my husband’s real estate investment business that inspired me to leave my traditional marketing job at BAE Systems – and my comfort zone – to run B&G Truck Lines, a small, local trucking company. In very short order, I learned that I could do things I wouldn’t have considered myself qualified to do, in a more traditional role within the corporate world, including: replacing a fragmented, outdated accounting system; Auditing the whole company and implementing operational/organizational improvements to reduce operating expenses by 12%; and negotiating a new contract with our primary customer, just to name a few. It was my experience running B&G Truck Lines that subsequently gave me the confidence to start my own small business from scratch.

Creating my little online shop, The Holly Storman Art & Stationery Co. allowed me to teach myself every shiny new digital marketing technique under the sun; promote my mother-in-law, Holly Storman’s beautiful art; continue to help my husband with his real estate projects; and be home for my kids – a win, win, win, win! After going back to school for 2 years to become a certified Web Designer, I spent the following 2 years pouring all my love and energy into building, launching, and promoting my shop. Marketing activities included my Back-to-Basics blog; organic Instagram and Facebook community building with contests, giveaways, and UGC; SEO optimization; Facebook Ads campaigns; and Google Search Ads. My growth plan for the year 2020 was focused on in-store product placements but as we all know, 2020 had other plans. While I was able to pivot and promote the lost art of sending hand written notes, in a time when people were isolated from one another, the market uncertainty made true growth difficult. With our tightening family budget and the need to homeschool my youngest son over the past year, I made the difficult decision to hit pause on my business for the time being.

Today my youngest son is back in school, my oldest kids have graduated, and my husband has left his full-time job to do home inspections, so it’s my turn to bring in the steady income with insurance and I couldn’t be more excited to start this next chapter in my life!

Now that you know all about me I'd love to learn more about RaphaRub and understand how I might be able to use my skills to take the company further.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Blessings and best wishes,
Hannah Storman

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Location: Greene NY
Responsibility: All digital marketing activities, website design and management

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