Vivian H.

Executive Assistant

Cheerful professional with a wholesome sense of humor, high EQ, and 10 years of executive support experience exploring roles in Talent Acquisition, Human Resources, Compliance, Communications, Project Management, or Corporate/Business Development. Believes actions speak louder than words. Results-driven and strategically focused. Accustomed to fast-paced high-growth environments. Proactively simplifies complexities and always seeks to improve efficiencies and maximize deliverables. Values and actively contributes to company culture. Committed to long-term goals and prioritizes accordingly. Enjoys deep involvement in and ownership of projects and sees them through from beginning to end. Possesses knowledge of a variety of organizational software and learns new software quickly. Always strives to complete tasks to all stakeholders' satisfaction, doing so with speed and accuracy while diligently communicating updates. Well-rounded in both quantitative and qualitative analysis.

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Location: Albany NY (Can Relocate)
Responsibility: Executive Support

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