Jeannette M.

Facilities Sr Project Manager

Working in the Construction Project Management, Commercial Tenant Improvement and Facilities Projects and Operations industry for over 15 years, I have developed processes to streamline design, sourcing and procurement, installation, and reporting as well as contracts administration, all of which have resulted in efficiency and lower cost.

The recent challenges in scheduling and product availability have enabled me to hon in on my follow up and resource skills, trying to stay ahead of issues.

Working with Vendors, Contractors, and Customers, I have been successful turning chaotic projects into streamlined processes ultimately saving time and money overall in lost and missed opportunity. I have been awarded several projects specifically to turn costs into savings and was successful in each endeavor.

Each one of my engagements over the years has provided valuable opportunities and lessons learned which cumulatively I bring to ongoing projects.

Additionally, several of my organizations provided an opportunity to work with global companies, providing design & build management, contract and vendor management, and day-to-day operations and oversight outside of the US.

My focus is “Ultimate Customer Satisfaction” and there are as many ways to accomplish that as there are projects. Coming in with fresh eyes, experience, and a strong work ethic, I believe I can bring that ultimate satisfaction to your company.

I also have a "Projects List" I would be glad to provide if requested.

Jeannette Mandanas

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Location: Seattle WA
Responsibility: Design & manage workspace reconfigurations, Clinic Set up

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