Annie S.

Front Desk Supervisor

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I graduated from Maple Ridge High School two years early and a few months later I was offered a part-time job at Columbia Association by the AGM. I worked at the Columbia Ice Rink for two years. After my first year there I started a second part-time job at the Columbia Gym (part of CA). I left the ice rink after the second year. After about three years of being at the Columbia Gym I was promoted to Front Desk Supervisor at 19 years old. The job position did require a college degree but was waived since I'd proven my work ethic and diligence. I was the FDS for two and a half years before resigning. It was in September of 2021 and I'd had my battles with HR about masks since the pandemic. I appealed to wear a face shield when the mandate came and they agreed. I was grandfathered in before HR made a rule that stated anyone who wished to wear a face shield had to give Dr's note, even members. Things were much worse in September 2021 when I resigned. HR went full throttle with a company wide vaccine mandate or optional weekly testing, uploading negative results, masking, and social distancing. I declined to comply due to medical/religious/freedom reasons. Currently the entire company is having everyone (even vaccinated) wear a mask. My mental health had had enough. I took an administrative job at a financial consult and worked a little over a month before quitting. The president ended up requiring the vaccine or you had to mask/social distance & required everyone to provide negative test for all staff meeting. She had failed to mention this in our virtual interview.

Currently, I am seeking out employers who are like-minded (and rational) and do not require the jab in order to receive a paycheck.

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Location: Ellicott City MD (Can Relocate)
Responsibility: Management

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