Elsie A.

IT Systems Support Engineer

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My name is Elsie Aponte. I am an IT Systems Support Engineer. I have five years of experience providing efficient technical support and leading technology implementations and migrations. My approach begins with understanding business needs are important in order to offer innovative solutions that promote continuous growth. I enjoy working independently as well as with a team and believe that difficult issues can be resolved with clear and consistent communication.

In my most recent role, I was part of a team that collaborated to provide quality technical support to all UMS employees. In addition to my daily responsibilities, I participated in a server migration project which included assembling and configuring a new server that met business needs.

In a previous role, I provided dedicated technical support to over 200 users. Utilizing our ticket management system, I fulfilled/resolved each incident and service request within 30 days. I have a track record of completing complex projects on time. Two examples:

• New, untested scanning hardware needed to be introduced as part of an ERP implementation. The rollout of the new hardware required me to collaborate seamlessly with the business and third-level networking support. Our pilot group was successful in configuring the new hardware in eight months. Configuration documentation I developed was approved and applied for all deployments that occurred in other locations.

• I was a technical lead in on an IT project where the job involved migrating an acquired company to our ERP system, implementing a company-compliant wireless infrastructure, and new hardware replacements for all existing equipment. Additionally, I was involved in an OS migration for the local site including 200+ laptops, desktops, and tablets from Windows 7 to Windows 10 in 6 months.

I am looking for IT opportunities with an inclusive company where I can learn, grow, and advance. I am passionate at excelling and desire an environment where we can celebrate achievements.

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Location: Columbus OH (Can Relocate)
Responsibility: End user support and asset management.

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