Katie C.

Operations Manager

I started my career in data privacy at KPMG International and it was there I realized my strength for bringing players together and getting them to execute on the work needed. That is, in a relatively junior role I was placed in informal project management positions and as coordinator of more than one senior management governance body. The feedback I received was that I was fearless and had a knack for getting senior people to do what they agreed to do, and not resent me for it.

While at KPMG I battled Lyme Disease, and following successful treatment of the illness, quit my job to take some time off and travel. This ultimately led me to start my own coaching business. I use the same directness and focus on goals that I did in corporate life to support my clients and hold them accountable for making the big changes they want in their lives.

While building my business, I took some contracting gigs working as a consultant. At Deutsche Bank I worked in identity and access management, using my natural skills in operations to identify issues with reporting processes and developing ways to provide more accurate and transparent reporting.

Soon after that, I was brought into the Bloomberg Privacy Compliance team in the Legal Department to again learn internal processes, identify holes and the appropriate contacts, and then develop and document new operations. The feedback I received was that my ability to find the right people and develop the necessary relationships to get the job done was invaluable.

My most recent gig was as Operations Manager at a Digital Marketing Agency that catered exclusively to "soulpreneurs." This role was a great marriage of my worlds: I closely related to our clients having started my own business following my own spiritual journey, and using my operations skills to support the agency, and through it, our clients.

Throughout my working years, I've always had the privilege of working with genuinely kind, conscientious, hard-working and caring people. I'm looking for my next opportunity to bring my hard and soft skills and life experience to a new workplace and a new set of wonderful people.

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Location: NJ
Responsibility: Optimize, document and execute processes

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