William P.

Order Entry Technician / Payments Dept

Customer Service PreBilling Administration Record Keeping Data Entry

Before sharing my professional journey, a small summary of myself as an individual.

  • Fervent in executing quality results and maintaining exemplary work ethic.

  • Bond with absolute loyalty and bring trustworthiness to the employer.

  • Constant desire to strive for more and expand knowledge.

I remember my first time after finishing high school, of starting an actual job; Customer Service.
Despite having no prior knowledge in this area, will proudly state that with bringing said qualities to the table, I have not only developed and honed this primary skill over the past 10 years but have excelled and received recognition throughout my partnership with a variety of well-known and reputable companies. In addition to this, have maintained an impeccable record in quality and attention to detail with Data Entry, Record Maintenance and many other tasks that were assigned to me.
Benecard, a Prescription Benefits Facilitator and current pharmaceutical employer, a field of work I least expected to be a part of, as primarily my passion lies directly with IT and anything that involves Computer Technology. However even outside the scope of familiarity, I have consistently demonstrated professional communication with company staff and customers, handling accounts and confidential data with security and accuracy, efficiently processing orders and payments, as well as displaying willingness to work and unwavering reliability.

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Location: Steelton PA
Responsibility: Submitting Rx orders; Collecting Payments; Creating Invoices; Processing Claim Reversals

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