kevin m.

Partner/ Driver

Channel Sales Marketing Private Transportation Audio Recording Music Performance

Started in music and production in 2009. Traveled to NYC for entertainment and discovered people weren't making records the way they used to with the advent of internet streaming. I came back to MA to figure out how to be self employed and acquired a bunch of skills with the hopes of one day applying it back to music, production and serving the Lord. Some of those skills picked up along the way include internet marketing, distribution and channel sales, a host of programs such as Click Funnels and Online Sales Pro, Webinar Services. I started driving for Uber for four years and was unable to get a loan for a luxury car to be able to start my social media marketing company. Now I am looking for the next opportunity to pay the bills while hopefully being able to continue that dream.

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Location: Arlington MA (Can Relocate)
Responsibility: Private Transportation

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