Danielle M.

Payroll Professional (processor to manager roles)

Excel Spreadsheets Meeting Deadlines Project Progress

I am hoping to find a company that aligns with my ethics. I am hoping to find a stable company that will not require any type of Covid mandates now or in the future. I feel that enforcing these masks, distancing, and vaccines are unconstitutional and against my beliefs. I have an extremely strong work ethic and would love my efforts to benefit an environment that will better society so I can help with the many. I went to school to become a teacher but moved to corporate America because of the pay. I wasn't making enough money to live and afford medical benefits as a young adult. I started as a payroll processor and worked my way up to a payroll supervisor/manager. Over time, I acquired skills to multi-task and get things done. I am a person with a "can do" attitude and am greatly satisfied when a task is accomplished! If I sound like someone that could help out your team, please reach out to me.

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Location: Great Meadows NJ
Responsibility: Administrative tasks

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