Thomas B.

Program Director

Educational Leadership Youth Development Adult Education & Training

I have a strong background in education as a Classroom Teacher, Dean of Students, After-School Enrichment Program Site Director, and Summer Youth Employment Program Director with over twenty-four years of experience. Therefore, I have a broad range of experiences, which I can draw from to provide the best possible service in whatever capacity I may be working. My entire career has always been focused on helping youth in underserved urban communities. Therefore, I have developed the essential empathy, discipline, and compassion required to truly make a positive impact on the life of a young person. I have also developed and demonstrated the capacity to relate to young people from diverse socio-economic backgrounds, consistently with mutual satisfaction. I have an innate zeal for education and inspiring young people to reach their full potential in life.

Through my various experiences, I have learned to deal with others logically and helpfully. I’ve had the opportunity to learn crisis management and how to listen not to formulate a response, but to hear what is being stated. I developed the ability to make quick decisions in situations that are not only difficult but also sometimes hazardous. I believe in a position of this nature it is important to have emotional maturity as well as experience. Finally, I have the ability and knowledge required to deal constructively with reality and the capacity to adapt to change.

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Location: New York NY (Can Relocate)
Responsibility: Director of Young Adult Employment Program at Medgar Evers College

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