John A.

Quality Assurance Lead Analyst

Motivated, organized, and detail-oriented individual offering the following skills:

• Over 12 years of Software-based QA experience in Agile-Scrum and Waterfall development environments.
• Proficiency in productivity tools, such as Microsoft Office, Excel, as well as Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android Operating Systems.
• Bugzilla, JIRA, Devtrack, Wrike, and Trello defect tracking and project management software experience.
• Experienced in black box manual testing procedures with some bash script automation.
• Beginning to intermediate familiarity with Linux systems and HTML code.
• Able to handle multiple projects concurrently; creative in finding new and original ways to do efficient work.
• Relish working in team-oriented environments and thrive when working independently.

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Location: Simi Valley CA (Can Relocate)
Responsibility: • Worked full-time in a waterfall development environment, testing web page landers for various online products and services.

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