Kaelyn W.

Resident Assistant

Hello, my name is Kaelyn Wojtylko and I recently graduated from Alma College with a BA in Psychology. Throughout my time at Alma, I learned that I love helping people but I could never be a therapist. I know that this is a wide range but forensic psychology, criminal justice, and psychopharmacology really speak to me. For the time being, I want to get as much experience as I can in those fields as my goal in life is to become a Forensic Psychologist.

I currently do not have any experience in those fields but the various jobs and organizations I have been involved with at Alma College have given me important skills for it. I was a resident assistant, first-year guide, Bursar (treasurer), and Vice Archon (president) of Phi Sigma Sigma. During my time in these roles, I learned how to actively and effectively communicate with others, to notice subtle signs about people during conversation, how to inquire about serious topics indirectly to not overwhelm the person, and more. I also worked various summer jobs but the most important to our discussion today is my paraprofessional position in which I became a one on one with a group of students due to being short-staffed and help develop plans for them to be able to focus on their school work as they struggled not being medicated or even treated for ADHD and ADD.

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Location: Romulus MI (Can Relocate)
Responsibility: Create a comfortable, safe, and supportive atmosphere for students

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