Carlisle S.

Special Education Teacher

Special Education Student (K-9) Instruction Training Executive Skills General Mathematics

Special Educator Cover Summary:
Carlisle S. Parker, Jr.

Mr. Parker possesses bachelor’s degrees from Hampton Institute (Hampton University) and Ambassador University in biology and theology, respectively. He holds California teaching credentials for Professional Clear Multiple Subjects (MSTC) and Education Specialist (for children with Mild and Moderate Disabilities), as well as an Added Authorization for Autism Spectrum (AAAS). He also possesses a certificate for Spanish Bilingual Cross-cultural Language and Academic Development (BCLAD) and is fluent in Spanish.

Mr. Parker has taught general and special education classes in both primary and secondary grades in both Southern California inner-city and suburban districts for 28 years. He is experienced in nurturing students categorized with mild/moderate learning disabilities to achieve their maximum development, particularly in basic mathematics concepts and skills fluency. Mr. Parker has worked effectively and extensively with Spanish-speaking students and their families, as well as other ethnic minorities. He is adept at supporting Spanish-speaking children and their families to navigate successfully through the special education process with the goal of providing the best outcome for students. He is also able to actively translate, as well as present, academic information, and assessment results in Spanish.

Mr. Parker also has had experience subcontracting with private tutorial companies consulting on modeling student instructional environments to enhance second language acquisition for non-English or limited English-speaking students of diverse backgrounds.

He has given district-sponsored presentations for teacher in-services as well as family-focused workshops aimed at enhancing learning for special needs students; helping language minority families advocate for their children; and increasing teacher awareness of students’ learning strengths and how they may be implemented to improve teaching.

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Location: Sunland CA
Responsibility: Burbank Unified School District

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