Donna K.

Sr Manager, External Workforce Program Operations

Procurement And HR OPERATIONS

I am an energetic, outgoing and motivated individual with over 20 years in pharma experience. I started my career as a CPA in public accounting, and then moved into the private sector to perform Finance and
accounting roles. I transitioned over to Procurement, supporting the areas of Clinical and HR Services. My last role at sanofi was senior manager external workforce programs. In this role I managed the vendor relationship for the program, complaisance, audit and operational excellence aspects as well. I worked in a very challenging environment supporting change management for the program and established very successful business partnerships with operational leadership. I am extremely motivated to find an amazing company that would love a go-getter!

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Location: Martinsville NJ
Responsibility: Oversee and manage external workforce program supporting 10k workers, support business leadership and manage vendor relarionship of MSP

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