Charles h.

Sr. Warehouse and Fleet Operations Lead

Optimization Process Improvement Engineering Analysis Data Management

Here’s what previous colleagues are saying: (actions speak louder than words)
-Had to hire 2 people to backfill my role, and are still not able to keep up.
-A company went out of business 6 months after I left.
-A manager was dodging a reference check call so that they would have more time to find a way to keep me in the company.
-I’ve been honored to be invited to the wedding of a direct report, twice. Neither was obligated to invite me. One was 4 years after we no longer worked together!

Why am I looking for a change?
I like my current scope of work, I enjoy the flexibility and benefits offered. So why am I looking for a change? Basically I don’t think the company is a good fit for me. I like to use data to inform decisions. I like to work with people that share my same passion for hustle. I enjoy leading a team and crafting the strategy so we can hit our goals.

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Location: Franklin PA
Responsibility: Process Improvement & Project Management

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