Emma S.

New Grad Nurse

Efficient Empathic Excellent Communicator Quick Learner Composed Under Pressure

I am a new nurse graduate looking for a position to grow my knowledge base and provide quality care to patients. I have a passion for helping the vulnerable and educating to prevent disease. I will be graduating from nursing school in May from the University of South Dakota. I played NCAA Division 1 golf though the school for all 4 years and have excellent time management skills. I have had 540 hours of clinical experience and will have 198 more this semester in public health and during my preceptorship (unit TBA). I am able to adapt quickly in new situations and am eager to start my nursing career. Over the past few years my knowledge of nursing and capacity to empathize has grown exponentially. I am looking for a position that will utilize my skills and bring them to the next level.

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Location: Vermillion SD (Can Relocate)
Responsibility: Clinical rotations through a variety of units (including cardiology, orthopedics, oncology, maternity). Providing help with activities of daily living during home care visits.

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