Sophia J.

Team Lead Oncology Financial Navigator

Revenue Cycle

I am a skilled revenue cycle specialist in the field of oncology, primarily radiology and radiation therapy. I am able to successfully obtain prior authorizations from all healthcare insurance for radiation therapy treatment and oncology related radiology services. I am a leader and have held many titles and roles in leadership. I am skilled at training, delegation, supervising, management, tasks and deadlines, time management, customer service and a variety of other skills. I come highly recommend amongst senior leadership and colleagues and staff. I’m dependable, diverse and my motto is to make it happen. Aside from my over 10 years of experience in the field, I add a personal touch for patients relations and customer service being a cancer survivor myself. I would make an excellent assets to your organization and an even better investment to the organization as a whole. All I need is the opportunity.

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Location: Alexandria VA
Responsibility: Prior authorizations/Supervisor/ patient financial assistance

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