Giulia A.

Technical Manager, Sleep Disorders

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I have been in the sleep medicine field for 16 years. I've worked in both a private and in a hospital setting but the bulk of my experience is in private and independent healthcare. I have the skills needed to smoothly and efficiently operate a private medical office according to all compliance laws (OSHA, HIPAA). I have the skills needed to hire and build up a strong team of staff members who work well together. I have worked closely with physicians and non-physician providers as well as with all business associates and vendors, legal counsel and so on. I have taken my old practice from paper medical records to EMR, brought our billing in-house and organized the relocation of the practice from one location to another. I strongly believe in private and independent healthcare and in providing all patients the best possible care available.

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Location: Wilmette IL (Can Relocate)
Responsibility: Manager of sleep disorders center

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