Andrea J.

Travel RN

Bls Acls Telemetry Neurology Quick Adapting Ethical Teamplayer Licensed In Florida Illinois And Missouri

RN is second career to 10 years as dental assisstant. Enthusiastic learner, enjoy change although appreciative of the calm that routines bring. Once given the opportunity to float in hospitals, or as one assignemt requested among many hospitals I became an asset as a travel nurse. I pay close attention to my patients which helps me to avoid the need for more intense intervention. My skills involve anywere from cleaning my patients up, taking advantage of changing their linen when I'm in the room for any reason instead of waiting for a CNA to do so; to identifying, charting, and changing wound dressings; to interpreting telemetry strips and applying appropriate scope of practice to interventions as needed. Nursing includes so many skills (listed on resume), but I am learning new thngs everyday and keep myself open to that. Not paying attention could rob me the oppornity to add important knowledge to my nursing bag. I've been nursing 8 years and welcome any suggestions for a new way to use my RN license or expand my capabilities.

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Location: Granite City IL (Can Relocate)
Responsibility: Nuring care at hospitals frm Med-surg to Progressive Care

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