Skye D.

Wardrobe assistant/ nanny

Organization Child Care Personal Assistance

To Whom It May Concern,
I am currently looking for a Private Nanny/ House Assistant position in the Los Angeles area. I am a great candidate for this position because of my past experiences assisting other families. I know what it takes to care for a busy household and how important it is to assist busy parents with day to day duties and obligations.
My latest position was a 2 year term as a Wardrobe Assistant and Private Nanny for a famous country singer and his family. I was in charge of taking care of his day to day clothes, as well as his tour wardrobe. My duties included dry cleaning, steaming, and packing for tour, hunting dates, and other day to day events. I was the only nanny to his five children, 4 girls and one little boy ages 14-7 years old. With their busy lifestyle, I was able to assist them in many ways by creating organization systems to keep the household running smoothly. I was also the event planner for all holidays and birthdays as well.
Along with my last position, I have experience taking care of another family as a stew on their super yacht. My duties consisted of cleaning, laundry, event planning, serving and child care for guests. In the past, I have also been a medical assistant for two chiropractors, which taught me the importance of time management and communication skills.
Through all of my experiences I have acquired many skills that have aided many people along the way. I am a kind and hardworking individual who has great passion for the people I care for. I take pride in my work and I never stop until the job is completed.
Enclosed is my resume that further highlights my skills and experiences, and my academic background. I would love to set up an interview, and look forward to speaking with you soon. Thank you for your consideration.

Skye L. Dufrene.

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Location: Canoga park CA
Responsibility: House manager

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