Chase M.

Web Application Developer

SQL ERD Development And Management Smartform Application Development K2 Visual Basic.Net C++ Cognos Bi Reporting C/AL C/SIDE Navision Report Design Java Microsoft Powerapps.

I have a decade of experience designing, planning and developing custom application solutions
from scratch. I have experience working on every aspect of an application’s life cycle and I’ve
often built entire applications myself with very little assistance. I enjoy working hard to be able to
provide the best solutions possible in order to meet any request or need required.
While at my current employer I have had experience working with several departments spanning over
the corporation on custom application solutions to meet their needs. I have worked on
everything from developing financial tracking and budget/expenditure applications to handling
workflows, data repositories and custom reporting. I have enjoyed building, designing and
implementing custom applications, because ultimately I am a problem solver at heart.
My hope is I can utilize these skills I have practiced and honed for years to be able to
work for and engage with fellow developers and teams in an effort to continue to
grow and learn while also providing the best solutions for whatever requirements may arise. I
have always strived to be as reliable as possible as well as be a dependable and collaborative
team member.
Thank you for considering my application. I am always willing and ready
to improve myself and those I work with. I look forward to learning and discovering more about
potential places of employment.

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Location: Charlotte NC
Responsibility: The design, development and implementation of business and financial applications. From start to finish, the entire application lifecycle,

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